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Robert Kiyosaki says Bitcoin is a ‘bargain today … but not tomorrow’

  • World-renowned author Robert Kiyosaki shares his view on Bitcoin.
  • Pseudonymous crypto analyst sees BTC at $100,000 in 2025.
  • Bitcoin slid back under $27,000 after Fed’s rate decision today.

Bitcoin – the world’s largest cryptocurrency is a “bargain” today, says Robert Kiyosaki – the renowned author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Robert Kiyosaki shares his view on Bitcoin

The so-called digital gold has not been a lucrative investment over the past two months.

But the Founder of Rich Global LLC recommends seeing the recent weakness as an opportunity to build a position in the “future” at a discount. His recent tweet reads:

Gold, silver, bitcoin are bargains today … but not tomorrow. America is broke. Buy GSBC today before stocks, bond, real estate.

Robert Kiyosaki even called fiat currencies “fake money” this past weekend. Also on Wednesday, Santiment – a crypto analytics platform reported an increase in Bitcoin’s on-chain activity to levels not seen since April.

What could help propel Bitcoin price?

Note that there’s a bunch of tailwinds that could catalyse the price of a Bitcoin in the near to medium term – the pending approval of an exchange-traded fund for example.

And then of course, there’s the halving event scheduled or April or May of 2024. In fact, PlanB – a pseudonymous crypto analyst who also goes by 100trillionUSD reiterated today that BTC could hit $100,000 in about two years.

He even left the prospect for it to eventually be worth $1.0 million much like what Cathie Wood has forecast multiple times this year.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $26,900 versus its year-to-date high of $31,500 in mid-July.

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Japan’s banking giant Nomura launches Bitcoin adoption fund

  • Japan’s financial giant Nomura launches Bitcoin adoption fund
  • The Bitcoin Adoption Fund is offered by Laser Digital Asset Management, a subsidiary of $500 billion Nomura.
  • Laser Digital’s new fund offers long-only exposure to Bitcoin (BTC).

Nomura, a $500 billion Japanese investment banking giant, has launched a new Bitcoin fund for institutional investors.

The new fund is an offering from Laser Digital Asset Management, a subsidiary of the Japanese financial behemoth and will offer institutions access to investment opportunities across the digital assets space.

Fund offers long-term exposure to BTC

Per details in a report by Bitcoin Magazine, the new fund is Laser Digital’s first product in a series of crypto investment solutions lined up for the growing market. Institutional investors will have access to long-only exposure to BTC.

Sebastian Guglietta, the head of Laser Digital, noted that with technology key to the world’s economic growth, the Bitcoin adoption fund will be a crucial transformational agent for investors. According to him, providing investors with a means to gain long-term exposure to the benchmark cryptocurrency ensures they are able to capture the current macro trend.

Laser Digital is headquartered in Switzerland and made one of its big forays into crypto via a strategic investment in Ethereum-based DeFi protocol Infinity. As CoinJournal reported, the investment happened in February this year. The company has also acquired regulatory approval as a virtual asset provider from Dubai’s regulatory agency.

As part of the Bitcoin offering, Laser Digital is collaborating with institutional-focused digital asset custody provider Komainu. The regulated company launched in 2018, founded by Nomura, crypto hardware wallet maker Ledger, and digital assets manager Coinshares.

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Bitcoin bounces from support ahead of the Fed’s decision

  • Bitcoin found support at $25k (again)
  • YTD performance remains impressive
  • A dovish Fed may trigger even more strength

Cryptocurrency investors may have been disappointed by the lack of volatility during the summer months—after all, Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, only consolidated levels. 

But one should keep in mind that Bitcoin rallied strongly in 2023. It returned over 61% in the trading year, and the bias remains bullish. 

The bullish perspective is even more obvious if one looks at the yearly returns of Bitcoin. Since 2010, only in three years did Bitcoin deliver negative returns. 

Buying the dip seems to have worked every time, even though the dips were quite scary. 

Will the Fed’s decision boost Bitcoin?

Tomorrow, the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed) is expected to hold the funds rate steady. As always, the details in the FOMC Statement and the press conference will move markets. 

Higher inflation than the Fed’s target was the main cause of rising interest rates. Now that inflation comes down from its highest levels, the Fed may feel comfortable that it will reach the target in a timely manner. 

Therefore, a dovish Fed would trigger weakness in the US dollar and strength for Bitcoin. 

The technical picture also favors more Bitcoin strength. The market bounced twice from $25k and now trades above $27k. A dovish Fed would send Bitcoin back to the $30k resistance area with big chances to move even higher. 

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Shiba Memu, Hifi finance, and Bitcoin price prediction

  • $26,500 level holds the potential to serve as a pivotal point for Bitcoin price.
  • According to market analysts, Hifi Finance could hit the highest price of $1.0.
  • At press time, one Shiba Memu (SHMU) coin was going for 0.028225 USDT.

The crypto market is once again on a bull cycle after a brief bear market that saw Bitcoin briefly drop below $25,000. As the crypto market rallies a number of cryptocurrencies among them Hifi Finance, Bitcoin, and Shiba Memu are trending.

Shiba Memu, a new cryptocurrency project is riding the meme coins and artificial intelligence wave. Alhough its first target is to contend the top position among meme coins, the coin will most likely be among the top cryptocurrencies by the end of 2023 going by the way investors are trooping to the project.

Shiba Memu is currently in the presale phase and it has already raised $2,931,352.80. Besides using AI to market itself, the price of Shiba Memu (SHMU) beeps adjusting upwards every few hours, which could be a great proposition for investors.

Bitcoin price prediction

Upon conducting a thorough technical analysis of Bitcoin’s current position, it reveals a prudent inclination towards a bearish trend. At present, Bitcoin finds itself positioned slightly above the $26,500 support level, which was once a formidable resistance. It maintains a relatively stable position just above the $26,800 resistance, indicative of a potential formation of a double-top pattern.

Bitcoin price chart

An important feature to note is the presence of a descending trend line at approximately $26,750, which could act as a restraining factor for Bitcoin’s upward trajectory. Should Bitcoin manage to breach this trend line, it may set its sights on the $27,000 level. Beyond this threshold, the $27,600 level looms as a significant resistance, and surpassing it could potentially open the path towards the coveted $28,000 milestone.

Conversely, if Bitcoin fails to overcome the $26,750 trend line, it might retrace its steps towards $26,600 or, in a more bearish scenario, revisit the $26,000 support level. Such a retracement could trigger heightened selling pressure, potentially leading to a decline in price to around $25,250.

Importantly, various technical indicators, including the 50-day exponential moving average and the relative strength index, signal the possibility of a forthcoming bullish momentum. Investors should maintain a vigilant watch on the $26,500 level, as it holds the potential to serve as a pivotal point. Prices surpassing this level could indicate favorable buying signals, while prices below it might suggest a tendency towards sell signals.

Looking ahead to the upcoming week, several pivotal economic events are poised to exert influence on Bitcoin’s price dynamics, given the cryptocurrency’s correlation with macroeconomic factors. On Wednesday, September 20th, all eyes will be on the Federal Reserve as it releases its Federal Funds Rate, which is presently set at 5.50%. Simultaneously, market observers will eagerly anticipate the FOMC Economic Projections, FOMC Statement, and the ensuing FOMC Press Conference scheduled for 18:30. The stance adopted by the Federal Reserve, whether dovish or hawkish, can potentially trigger significant volatility in traditional markets, a phenomenon that often cascades into the cryptocurrency market.

Moving to Thursday, September 21st, this day will bring forth Unemployment Claims data, with analysts predicting a slight increase to 222,000 from the previous figure of 220,000.

Concluding the week on Friday, September 22nd, we will witness the release of the Flash Manufacturing PMI and Flash Services PMI, projected to be at 47.9 and 50.8, respectively. These indices offer valuable insights into the overall economic health and, if they deviate significantly from expectations, they can indirectly influence Bitcoin’s price by affecting market sentiment.

Hifi finance price prediction

Hifi Finance (HIFI) experienced a sharp decline in price following an impressive seven-day rally that had long been anticipated by token holders, ending a period of extended consolidation. This surge and subsequent drop occurred while Bitcoin (BTC) prices remained relatively stable, leaving the broader market yearning for a catalyst. In the midst of this, analysts suggest that the current environment is conducive for investing in alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins).

Hifi Finance’s price exhibited substantial volatility during this period. Over the past week, Hifi Finance (HIFI) witnessed an astounding 362% surge against the Tether (USDT) stablecoin on the Binance Exchange, concluding the trading session on September 16 at $2.320. This surge followed its breach of the psychologically significant $2.5000 level, reaching an intraday peak of $2.635.

The sudden rise in Hifi Finance’s price was closely linked to a significant surge in trading volume on the Korean exchange Upbit. Upbit Korea accounted for approximately 65% of the total trading volume for the asset on that Saturday, with Wu Blockchain reporting a remarkable 208% increase in trading volume. It was noted that Upbit led the way in spot trading, accumulating up to $717 million in trading volume over the previous 24 hours. However, the price experienced a substantial decline of around 40% within the last day, triggered by Binance’s introduction of the HIFI perpetual contract.

Notably, there was a noteworthy discrepancy between the prices of HIFI in the futures market and the spot market. HIFI futures were trading at a -40% premium compared to spot prices, a rare and perplexing phenomenon that raises concerns about the dynamics of Hifi Finance’s price.

A perpetual contract, similar to a futures contract, is a derivative instrument but lacks an expiration date. It represents an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price without a specified expiry date. This allows traders to speculate on the asset’s value using leverage without the need to worry about their contracts expiring. While perpetual contracts offer the potential for amplified profits, they also carry the risk of rapid liquidation of traders’ positions if the asset’s price experiences a significant drop.

The decline in HIFI’s price on Binance following the introduction of the perpetual contract can be attributed to several factors. Perpetual contracts provide increased liquidity, tighter spreads, and resistance to market manipulation, making them an attractive choice. It’s worth noting that Korean traders have been associated with pump-and-dump practices in the past. CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju pointed out that this behavior may be influenced by the region’s strict capital controls, which limit arbitrage opportunities between global exchanges.

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Bitcoin tops $27k as Shiba Memu’s presales close in on the $3M mark


  • Bitcoin has now crossed the $27k level after adding more than 2% to its value today.

  • Shiba Memu’s presale is now closing in on the $3 million mark.

The cryptocurrency market has been bullish today, with prices of most cryptocurrencies up by more than 2%. With the market in a bullish state in the last few days, Shiba Memu is also closing in on a new record as its presale now stands above $2.9 million.

Bitcoin crosses the $27k mark

Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap, has been performing well in recent days. It added more than 2% to its value over the past 24 hours as the rally continues.

At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $27,290, up by 2.6% so far today. Bitcoin’s positive performance has also seen the broader crypto market embark on a mini rally. The total cryptocurrency market cap now stands at $1.08 trillion, up by more than 2% in the last 24 hours. 

What is Shiba Memu?

With the broader crypto market currently in a bullish mode, Shiba Memu’s presale has also been going excellently. Shiba Memu’s presale is closing in on a new milestone after adding more than $300k over the last few days. 

Shiba Memu is a meme token project that combines AI and blockchain technology to create an unstoppable, entirely self-sufficient marketing powerhouse.

According to the development team, Shiba Memu is designed to handle the work of various marketing strategies. As an AI-based platform, Shiba Memu will be active at all times. 

The Shiba Memu platform will always be active in finding the best creative advertising campaigns, making it easier for entities and individuals to carry out marketing campaigns. 

Shiba Memu was launched as a meme project thanks to the recent popularity of meme coins. Over the last three years, the market cap of meme coins grew from practically $0 to reach the $20 billion mark in 2022. 

While most meme coins lack use cases, Shiba Memu is built differently. Shiba Memu has utility and will solve real-world problems for companies and individuals. 

In their whitepaper, the team said Shiba Memu has self-sufficient marketing capabilities powered by AI technology. As an AI-powered platform, Shiba Memu will develop its own marketing strategies, write its own PR, and promote itself in relevant forums and social networks. Shiba Memu currently operates on two major blockchains, Ethereum and BNB Chain

Shiba Memu’s presale nears $3m

Shiba Memu’s presale continues to set new records, adding more than $300k over the past seven days. Last week, Shiba Memu’s presale investment stood at $2.6m, and it currently stands at $2.9m.

The funds generated from the presale would be directed towards the development of some Shiba Memu products. Most of the funds would be used to develop Shiba Memu’s AI technology. 

Click here to find out more about Shiba Memu’s presale event. 

Should you invest in Shiba Memu today?

Shiba Memu’s presale continues to generate more interest thanks to the project’s value proposition. In addition to that, the cryptocurrency market has experienced an excellent performance since the start of the year, with the prices of most coins and tokens up by nearly 40% during that period.

Despite the positive performance, the market is still down by more than 50% from the all-time high set in 2021. Market analysts are now expecting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to rally over the next few months. 

Shiba Memu could be one of the biggest winners once the project launches and the token gets listed on crypto exchanges. 

Shiba Memu is set to combine the powers of AI and blockchain technology to ease marketing strategies for companies and individuals. If the project gets the right level of adoption, its SHMU token could rally higher in the medium to long term. 

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BitGo and Swan partner to launch a Bitcoin-only trust company

Key takeaways

  • BitGo and Swan will work together to launch a new trust company.

  • The Bitcoin-only trust company will offer custody without exposure to the other cryptocurrencies.

BitGo and Swan to launch a new trust company

Crypto custodian BitGo and bitcoin financial services firm Swan have announced plans to launch a Bitcoin-only trust company. 

According to the press release published on Thursday, the Bitcoin-only trust company will offer custody without exposure to other digital currencies. The trust, which will be launched following regulatory approval, will combine BitGo’s custody capabilities with Swan’s expertise in fraud prevention and onboarding. 

The companies said it would be the first Bitcoin-only trust company in the United States. BitGo CEO Mike Belshe said, 

“We believe the best model for the Bitcoin industry is the same battle-tested model that has been part of the US financial industry for over a century: the separation of exchange and custody. Our teams have worked closely together for nearly a year on stronger qualified custody models. Early in 2023, we recognized the opportunity to establish a Bitcoin-only custodian, combining the unique capabilities of each company and supporting the innovators that will be at the forefront of pushing Bitcoin adoption.”

BitGo remains a leading custodian in the crypto space

This latest cryptocurrency news comes as BitGo continues to expand its presence in the cryptocurrency space despite the ongoing bear market. BitGo is one of the custodians Swan hired for its Bitcoin storage needs. 

Cory Klippsten, Swan’s CEO, also commented that;

“We immediately saw the vision,” said Cory Klippsten, Swan’s CEO. “For years, we’ve heard from major clients, partners, and other Bitcoin companies that they would prefer a Bitcoin-only software and services stack that is focused strictly on the best custody that leverages Bitcoin’s unique features. It’s important to us to build a custodian without the risks of securing many altcoins within the same trust company as Bitcoin. We want to do our part to build a dedicated ecosystem for Bitcoin, separate from industry speculators, to allow for innovation in custodial offerings.”

This latest development comes a few days after South Korean Hana Bank and BitGo announced a partnership to launch a joint crypto custody venture. The joint venture will combine Hana Bank’s knowledge of financial services and compliance with BitGo’s crypto custodial solutions.

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